Top 5 Photo Opportunities in Cranbrook, B.C.

Cranbrook is a beautiful place to visit, and guests at our Cranbrook resort often ask about where the best local photo opportunities are.

With that in mind, staff at our Cranbrook location have sat down and selected their picks (or should that be pics?) for the top 5 photo opportunities in Cranbrook.

Lakit Lookout

If you don’t mind a hike, climb on up toLakit Lookout. The view is truly phenomenal, making it the perfect spot for a selfie, beautiful sunrise, or sunset photos.

Fort Steele Heritage Town

Fort Steele Heritage Town is a wonderful place. History buffs will love the town, as it boasts some 60 reconstructed and restored buildings – you can even shop at an old style general store. Take a photo or two here and your friends will think you’ve mastered the science of time travel!

Downtown Cranbrook

Cranbrook’s downtown is a wonderful place for a photo op. Landmarks include the clock tower, the Spirit Tree, and Ed the Elephant. Other not to miss sights are the streets filled with quaint shops, historic buildings, and brick-lined alleyways.

Marysville Falls

Marysville Falls are actually about a 20-minute drive from Cranbrook, but you’ll be able to get some great photos by these pretty falls – a popular spot for nature photographers.



Wasa Lake

With mountains in full view, an excellent beach, and a warm lake,Wasa Lake is a lovely spot. The Provincial Park is well worth a visit and is great place to snap a photo.

Cranbrook is a beautiful town, surrounded by lush forests, breathtaking mountains, and the majestic natural landscapes that BC is known so well for. Be sure to pack your camera when you stay with us at the Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort in Cranbrook. You won’t regret it!


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