Cemetery Tour in Salmon Arm Offers a Unique Take on Local History

At first glance, a cemetery tour may seem a little odd, maybe even morbid. But for some, cemeteries provide a fascinating link with the past. They are places full of history and interesting stories. Stories of the people who went before us, how they lived, what they did for work, and who they loved.


(Photo: Salmon Arm Museum) The 'Speak of The Dead' cemetery tour in Salmon Arm offers a unique take on local history.

(Photo: Salmon Arm Museum) The ‘Speak of The Dead’ cemetery tour in Salmon Arm offers a unique take on local history.

On October 5th at 1pm, you’ll get the chance to experience the charm of a cemetery tour for yourself, when the “Speak of the Dead” tour takes place in Salmon Arm at the Mt. Ida Cemetery.

Deborah Chapman is the Curator/Archivist at Mt. Ida and she has hand-picked her favourite individuals and stories from the old cemetery to share with those who attend the guided tour.

Attendees will hear “stories of love, heartbreak, joy, and tragedy… told on one of the prettiest knolls in Salmon Arm.”

It sounds like a highly interesting way to spend an autumn Sunday afternoon!

It is $7.50 to attend the tour, but there are only 35 spots available, so you will have to act fast if you want to learn about Salmon Arm’s historical residents in a unique setting. Call 250-832-5243 to book your spot on this fascinating cemetery tour.

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