Tips for Packing Light

When setting out on an adventure, avoiding the temptation to pack everything and the kitchen sink is tricky. When you’re traveling to BC, the frequent cold weather means you have to bring bulky boots and coats. Yet, we all know that packing heavy is a temptation we should avoid – after all, overweight baggage fees aren’t a joke. To help you combat this challenge, here’s a couple of tips and tricks that’ll mean you can pack everything you need, while still packing light.

With these tips, you’ll be ready for any adventure.


Downsizing is Key

The smaller the bag, the less stuff you can physically bring. This trick actually forces you to pack light. It will make you choose between various options of clothing, meaning that you’ll be far tougher on what you end up bringing. It will coerce you into asking, “Do I really need this? And will I actually wear this?” If you simply don’t have enough space and you actually need to bring bigger luggage (bearing in mind that there is a difference between need and want), pack for small luggage and then, once you’re finished, change to bigger luggage. At this point, throw in the few extra things you couldn’t fit in the smaller bag. image

Think About Your Belongings!

You know that pair of shoes that are fabulous but they don’t match anything? Or that sweater that’s so comfortable but incredibly bulky? In the eyes of a light packer, these items belong in one place: at home. When packing you want to focus on six features; quality, thickness, weight, wrinkles, transparency and texture. A material that is perfect for traveling with, especially to wintery BC, is merino wool. Sweaters made from this material are incredibly warm while being lightweight, thin and low maintenance (they rarely need to be cleaned). long walks To decrease the amount of clothing you need, pick versatile options. For example, pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable and capable of long walks yet can still be dressed up. Or a pair of dark jeans that can be worn with a sweater and hiking shoes during the day and a nice top during the evening.

Practice Tough Love

Show your items some tough love. First pack everything you absolutely need. After this, go through everything you want to pack. If you’re unsure and think ‘I might wear this’ or ‘I could use this’, don’t pack it. In other words, chances are you won’t need that extra set of makeup brushes, slippers or house coat.


Befriend the Rubber Band

Rubber bands can be used to tie up clothing into neat little bundles. While this doesn’t help with weight, it’s great for increasing space. It will also help you keep your luggage organized, allowing you to clearly see what you have, what you don’t need and what you might still need to pack.


The next time you stay with Prestige Hotels & Resorts, use these tips to pack light while ensuring you have everything you need. However, with various amenities offered in all our hotel rooms and a staff always willing to help, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of regardless of what you pack.  

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