How To Experience the Kootenays Like the Locals Do

Exploring the Kootenays is an experience unlike most others. With breathtaking mountains, rich history, and welcoming people, the Kootenays enchants most who visit. In fact, many love this land enough to proudly call it home.

Fortunately, you can thoroughly enjoy this captivating region by booking a stay at the multiple Prestige Hotels & Resorts located in the Kootenays. We have hotels in Nelson, Radium, Rossland and Cranbrook. However, to truly experience the Kootenays, and realize why so many proudly call this place home, you’ll have to step out of the hotel doors and explore the region like the locals do. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the local experience.

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Run Away from Central Hubs & Take the Back Roads

As with anywhere, it can be easy to get stuck on the main road in the Kootenays and we don’t blame you! With a variety of eclectic stores and restaurants, downtown Nelson offers a range of products, flavours, and services you won’t find anywhere else. Cranbrook, Rossland and Radium are hardly exceptions. Nevertheless, stepping off the beaten path and exploring the less known restaurants and stores means you see places that cater to locals. For example, you’ll get to experience cuisine that is carefully produced with their neighbors in mind. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet locals who will give you great advice on where to go next! For example, the Oso Negro Coffee House in Nelson is not to be missed while the burgers at Flying Steamshovel Inn in Rossland promise to delight.  

Visit Chains in Moderation

There’s certainly a time and a place for the familiar. If you’re exhausted from kayaking the Kootenay Lake and you need some quick grub, a popular fast food restaurant is a safe bet. However, when you want to fall in love with a location, one-of-a-kind restaurants are the way to go. Besides, when you shop and eat local, you support local people. This will help keep the region alive and bustling and ready to warmly welcome you the next time you visit.

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Ditch the Car and Use What Nature Gave You

Driving is faster, efficient and takes less energy. However, because you’re whizzing past everything focused on traffic and various road signs, it’s hard to concentrate on the one-of-a-kind, beautiful surroundings. When you arrive in a new place, pull on a pair of runners or comfy shoes and take to the streets for a stroll. This way you’ll slowly move through town, focused on your surroundings rather than what’s happening on the road.

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Being on your own two feet gives you access to places a car can’t, or isn’t, allowed to go. With such marvelous nature, running or walking in the Kootenays allows you to check out trails that lead to waterfalls, valleys, and wildlife that will take your breath away.

Talk to the Staff & Check Out Local Events

Our hotels come with a warm and welcoming front desk staff. In an effort to sustain local communities, we often hire people who love their region. Therefore, when you’re staying at a Prestige Hotels & Resorts, we invite you to ask our team for advice on the best places to go. Trust us, they will have plenty to share. They will also be able to speak about local attraction and events that are in town and whether they’re worth the visit. For example, the team might encourage you to check out a local band that’s playing nearby, or encourage you to visit a family-operated orchard that is hosting a weekend event.  If you want to experience a place like the locals do, just ask!  


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