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In the 1970s, Smithers adopted an "alpine theme," complete with red brick sidewalls, alpine-style rooflines, and a wooden sculpture named Alpine Al. Today, the theme is still strong, with a new statue of Alpine Al erected in 2016. The new statue is seven feet tall, carved by a chainsaw, and made of 1,000-year-old red cedar!

Smithers is the service center for the Bulkley Valley and offers many more amenities than you might expect for a town its size. Of course, the biggest highlight of our community is the accessibility and connection to the great outdoors! So get out there and explore.

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No matter how you get here, you'll enjoy the views. Smithers is easily accessible on the Yellowhead Highway 16, stay up to date on road conditions on the DriveBC website. Air Canada and Central Mountain Air fly into Smithers Regional Airport, only 5 minutes from downtown. VIA Rail has a passenger train service that operates from Jasper to Prince Rupert. One of our favorite ways to get here is by water! Take a ferry up the Northern BC Coast and see how wild the North can be.



Smithers is small but mighty! We know what makes us special is our community and its appreciation for the world around us. With a strong outdoor community, a vibrant arts scene, and a substantial appreciation for culture and history, Smithers has so much to offer.



With hundreds of lakes, miles of rivers, and an abundant wildlife population, Smithers is a mecca for anglers and hunters!



Love hiking? You'll love Smithers. With many phenomenal hikes only a 15-minute drive from downtown, it'll be hard choosing where to go, but we promise you'll be impressed with whatever you choose. Hudson Bay Mountain ski area provides many great hiking options, including Crater Lake. Babine Mountains Provincial Park has some of the finest hiking opportunities in west-central BC. Interested in fossils? Take a trip back in time at the Driftwood Canyon Provincial Park & Fossil Beds!



The Bulkley Valley is the traditional territory of the Wet'suwet'en. The largest Wet'suwet'en community today is Witset on the Widzin Kwah (Bulkley River). Go Explore the Widzin Jwah Canyon House Museum which features historical displays of traditional life and fishing methods, cultural artifacts, local arts and crafts, and a gift shop! You can also book a Wet'suwet'en cultural tour, where trained cultural tour guides explain the Wet'suwet'en way of life.



Smithers thrives on embracing the essence of every season, bringing it to life through captivating art, mesmerizing music, enchanting dance, and thrilling theatre shows. The town's vibrant cultural scene includes the ever-changing exhibits at the Smithers Art Gallery, where creativity flourishes. If you're looking for live music check out Music In The Park by the river! Saturday mornings you can find live music at the BV Farmers Market. As summer dawns, the town comes alive with the euphonic Midsummer Music Festival, filling the air with melodies that resonate in hearts. As the season draws to a close, the BV Fair & Exhibition takes center stage, featuring a grand ensemble of live bands that set the stage ablaze with excitement.



Undoubtedly, our top choice for a restaurant in town is Noir Kitchen and Bar, nestled in the heart of Prestige Hudson Bay Lodge. However, should you have already experienced their culinary delights and seek to savor another exceptional local eatery, fear not, as Smithers boasts an array of delightful options! From chic dining destinations to down-home, comforting fare, Smithers caters to all tastes and preferences, leaving you spoilt for choice. 



Stay up-to-date with all the exciting happenings in Smithers by exploring our vibrant events calendar!



Embark on a leisurely stroll down Main Street, where a delightful array of local businesses awaits your exploration, each lovingly curated and managed by passionate individuals who take immense joy in what they do!