Top 3 Apps to Use When Traveling

Using an app while traveling is a great way to help plan your vacation. Some apps can help you find recommendations in other cities to ensure that you find the best spots. Here are our recommendations for the top 3 apps to use when traveling.

Localeur ( is a technologically enhanced guidebook. The app gets recommendations from people living in that particular city so you can check out the best spots. Each writer has a profile and a photo that details their interests so you can navigate much easier.

Trover ( is like Localeur but uses photos instead. It gets users to upload photos and give their recommendations for those areas. Keep in mind that since it is a crowd sourcing app, the information may not be totally accurate. Be sure to crack open a good ol’ fashioned guidebook just to be sure.

To buff up your language skills, Quizlet ( allows you to use other users’ flashcards when learning the language of your choosing. There are many different languages on the app with varying levels from basic to more advanced.

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