New-Year-New You Women’s Retreat: Be the Best You in 2013

women's retreat

Come relax and be the best version of yourself with our new year’s retreat at our Sooke resort.

Prestige Hosts Women’s Retreat

A new year is a great opportunity for self-improvement. At Prestige Hotels & Resorts, we want all our guests to succeed in the New Year, and be the “best you” for 2013. This is why we are excited to announce the first annual New-Year-New You Women’s Retreat at our Sooke hotel!

The New-Year-New You Women’s Retreat brings together creative and supportive women to inspire you to design your own breakthrough path for 2013 – one of change, growth, and personal empowerment. In doing so, we believe this will lead to new paths and possibilities for each individual.

You can spend the weekend with your friends, or go to this retreat solo – either way, you will get to meet new people, and learn new skills. The retreat will feature professionals in the fields of psychology, finance, sexual health, exercise and wellness, who will provide a variety of physical, mental, and spiritual workshops and activities. The goal of this retreat is to acquire personal growth, self-awareness and discovery, and opportunities that will improve your life.

Our team at Prestige Hotels & Resorts wants your retreat to be the best experience possible, so you will receive the following:

• One night accommodation at Greater Victoria’s Best Western Premier – Prestige Oceanfront Resort
• One healthy meal each day
• Visioning workshop
• Creating the “New You” workshop
• Sexual health workshop
• Financial workshop
• Morning exercise class
• Relaxation time
• Guided meditation sessions

We invite you to discover and experience this amazing weekend at our Best Western Premier – Prestige Oceanfront Resort. The retreat and all it includes is only $249.00 for Double Occupancy, and $299.00 for Single Occupancy.

Be sure to join us for a weekend full of laughter, learning, growth, and empowerment, with other like-minded women on the road to success this new year!

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