Go Whale Watching in Sooke, BC

Killer Whales in Sooke, BCWould you like to go Orca watching?

It is quite the experience and if you are staying at our Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort this summer, you’ll have a great opportunity to give this unique and inspiring experience a try!

Given our Vancouver Island location, Sooke is a wonderful place for whale watching, and both transient and resident Orcas (killer whales) are regularly spotted in local waters. Transient and resident refers to two different types of Orcas. Resident Orcas live and hunt in coastal waters, while, as the name suggests, transient Orcas live a much more nomadic life, travelling over a much greater area and to deeper depths; only visiting the coastal areas on occasion.

The best time to see Orcas in Sooke is between spring and fall, as that is the time when the residents are in the area. However, Orcas have been seen in the area year round, as transients do venture into the coastal waters at sporadic points throughout the year, including winter.

In Prep for Your Tour…

Did you know that Orcas represent the second most geographically diverse mammal species in the world? They’re second only to humans! Furthermore, each different Orca population across the planet is individually unique, and not just in small ways. We’re talking about significant differences such as genetics, food sources and language. The different groups do not mate together either. In addition to residents and transients, there’s also a third type of Orca – the offshore orca. However, much less is known about this group.

There are a number of high-quality tour companies operating in the area. If you’d like a recommendation, please just ask at our front desk. Enjoy your stay and this incredible experience of a lifetime!

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