How to Travel with Your Kids on a Business Trip

family on business tripBring your Kids with You on Your Next Business Trip

If you are a frequent business traveler, it can be tough being away from your family. You may think that combining business and quality family time isn’t possible, but we beg to differ. Bringing your kids along with you on your business trip can be a great way to spend time with your family. Here are some suggestions to see if a family-meets-business trip is for you.

Talk to your Company

You’ll want to check in with your company and make sure they approve the idea first. Some business trips may not be ideal for bringing your family so you’ll want to know all the details. For instance, how long your meetings will be and what events you may be required to attend. You may also be able to ask your family to join you at a later time if it is an extended trip and the main events will take part in the first half of your trip leaving some time for leisure at the end. Tip: Check space for an additional room if you are undecided if your family will join you later.

Know What to Expect

You’ll want to set expectations with your family before your set out on your business trip. Inform your kids on how long it will take to arrive at the destination, what they will do during the trip, and what time of day you will be available to spend time with them. Put time aside specifically to spend with your children and/or spouse so you can give them your undivided attention.

Bring Along Your Spouse

Bringing along your spouse can be a great mini-getaway for two. Book a spa appointment or activity (ie wine tour, golf) for your spouse so he/she can relax while you attend meetings. Having the support of your spouse on a business trip is an added bonus if you have kids since it also takes care of any extra babysitting expenses. While you have to attend to your business obligations, you still will get to see your family before you head out or later on in the day. This way, your kids will know you’re not too far away.

Traveling with children on a business trip can be a blessing if you plan ahead. As a frequent traveler it can be hard to say goodbye to the kids and spouse so often, so why not plan to take them with you and have a mini-cation while you are away on business.

These tips should be a good place to start to see if a business mini-cation is for you and your family.

Have you had a great business mini-cation with your spouse or kids?

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