Top 5 reasons it’s fun to be in a hotel room

One of the joys of going on holiday is getting away from all the stress and worries that you may have at home, such as the feeling that you always have to be doing something productive. That’s why hotel rooms are the perfect getaway. There are no dishes to clean, laundry to sort, bills to organize, or floors that are in much need of a sweep. It’s finally time to just sit back, relax, and even revel in the feeling of boredom.

1. You don’t “have” to do anything

Let go of your constant mental agenda and take the time to do the things that often get pushed to the backburner at home. Paint your nails, have a bath, order room service, and pamper yourself without feeling any guilt!

2. You can play games you forgot about

Being in a hotel room is the perfect chance to play one of those classic card games like Continental Rummy or Go Fish, or try out a totally new game. Check out this blog post of some classic games to try on your next holiday.

3. Free Wi-fi

All of the Prestige Hotels and Resorts offer free Wi-fi in your room, so you can spend some time catching up. Skype with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, or search for some new musicians on Spotify. However, if you’re trying to get away from work, make sure your email notifications are shut off! playing-music-with-red-earphones-picjumbo-com

4. Take in the view

Most hotels are set up to give you a great view of the area. So, pull up a chair and gaze out the window as the sun sets, or watch as people pass below on the sidewalk. There is something so peaceful about just gazing out the window and letting your mind relax.

5. Write, read a book, or meditate

Again, being in a hotel room can be a great time to disconnect and reset. Try writing a letter to someone you love, or even just a diary entry to sort out your thoughts. Catch up on your reading list, or try out one of the many great meditation apps to relax and rejuvenate your body and soul.


The biggest thing to take advantage of is the time on your hands. Forget about all the stress that may be waiting at home, and spend the time catching up on some much-needed rest. If you’re looking for a hotel in B.C., check out one of our 12 locations across the province to make the most of your trip!

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