Profiled: Matt Scheibenflug in Kelowna

matt in kelownaThis week, we decided to profile Matt Scheibenflug, our General Manager in Kelowna. Working for several Prestige hotels for nearly a decade, Matt is a dedicated member of the Prestige team, with several unique hobbies. Don’t miss his story about rescuing a balloon for one of our guests.

How long have you been a member of the Prestige family?

I have been employed with Prestige Hotels and Resorts collectively for nine years, working at the Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort and Best Western Cranbrook Hotel, both located in Cranbrook BC. I have recently transferred to our property in Kelowna.

What do you do for fun? 

matt in kelowna

As a nature enthusiast, hiking deep into the wilderness would be my number one pastime. Over the years I have taught myself the art of fire dancing and would consider myself close to an expert.  I try to (what we fire dancers call) “burn” as often as I can. In addition, I play the Didgeridoo which is an instrument made from a hollowed out tree root or bamboo stalk. I also have a passion for wine and as a new resident of Kelowna, I am looking forward to exploring the many vineyards in the area.

What are your best-kept Kelowna secrets? 

I have only been a resident of Kelowna since September 2013, so have only really experienced a month or so of nice weather. I am looking forward to getting out and exploring the areas’ local hot spots and attractions.

Best experience you’ve had working in hotels? 

My most memorable experience while working in hospitality was a couple years ago at the Best Western Cranbrook Hotel. A young child traveling with his family came to check in sporting a large fancy helium balloon. While waiting for his parents to complete the registration he accidentally let the balloon go and it floated to the celling (which is approximately 20 plus feet high). The look on his poor face was devastating! After the family left the desk I had decided to come up with some sort of a plan to retrieve the balloon for him. After multiple attempts I finally got it and delivered it to him in their room. When his mom opened the door and he noticed what I was holding, he started jumping up in down smiling ear to ear awaiting his long lost balloon.

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