Pets on Vacation

pets on vacationHow to Take your Pets on Vacation

This summer, if you don’t want to leave your precious pets behind, all of our hotels are happy to welcome your pet. Each Prestige hotel is pet friendly, and most even offer bowls and dog beds for your furry friends. Taking your pets on vacation is a breeze when you stay with Prestige.

If you do decide to bring your pet along with you, make sure you travel to a place where there are activities you can include your pet in. A dog should have access to an outdoor space where they can walk or run around. Our hotels are surrounded by magnificent outdoor spaces that are ideal locations for you and your pet. If you’re traveling to Kelowna, for example, our hotel is right across the street from City Park, which is a great place to bring your pet.

When you bring your pet, be sure not to leave them alone in one of our hotel rooms. For the safety of your pet we have a policy where pets are not allowed to be left alone in the hotel rooms. The reason for this is that your pet may not be familiar with the environment, and they may have a different reaction to it. In addition, if one of our hotel staff happens to open a door for housekeeping or maintenance, then they might escape out of the room. Neither you or our staff would want your pet to be lost. Lastly, your pet could bark consistently, chew, scratch, or tear furniture or cause a mess if you leave them alone in the room.

There are many resources or guidelines for taking your pets with you on vacation. The Vancouver Island Pet Expo has exhibitors such as Bosley’s, Buddy Rider, Soggy Dog, and many more which provide ideas, solutions, and products that will make your vacation with your pet that much more successful. Animal Planet also has a great article on how you can vacation with your pet. If you plan ahead properly, then your trip with your pet will be a positive experience and a memorable one.

Call any one of our hotels today to inquire about our regulations regarding your pets.

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