Healthy Living at Prestige Hotels & Resorts

healthy living this summer

Practice Healthy Living this Summer

The summer can be a tough time to stay healthy. With all the fun activities and summer barbecues, it can be hard to stick to healthy living. Plus, going out of town on vacation can make it an even more difficult struggle to stay on track. Our team at Prestige Hotels & Resorts is always happy to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and the following ideas can help you stay healthy when you go on vacation.

100-Mile Diet

The 100-Mile Diet has become quite popular these days. With an emphasis on local eating, the 100-Mile Diet is appealing to those who want to eat fresh cuisine. Luckily for our guests, our Rics Lounge & Grill resorts in Nelson and Cranbrook and Mix Rics in Sooke all use fiercely fresh ingredients. This allows you to stay healthy when you go on vacation.

Fitness Centres

When you go out of town, it can be hard to get in your fitness routine. Our hotels offer a fitness center or athletic club that you can utilize during your stay. Each hotel Is situated close to the ideal spots for outdoor recreation. From hiking along the rugged Vancouver coastline to cycling down a mountain trail in the Kootenay Rockies, each destination with a Prestige hotel offers unlimited opportunities to suit your fitness level. At Prestige Hotels & Resorts, we are committed to supporting our employees in their health goals. We even run an annual Prestige Challenge that is led by our CEO.

We also offer a Family Fitness Adventure package, partnered with the H20 centre at the Prestige Inn Kelowna. This package is a fun way to get some fitness, and to explore all that Kelowna has to offer.

Whatever your health goals are this summer, Prestige Hotels & Resorts can help you get there. We encourage all our guests and employees to stay on a healthy path, and give you the tools to succeed when it comes to healthy living.

Stay tuned for our Healthy Living blog post part 2, where we talk about our annual Prestige Challenge in more depth.


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