The Ultimate Winery Road Trip

Summertime is the perfect time to hit the open road and soak up spectacular vineyard views and stunning winery patios overlooking the beauty of the Okanagan. Taste world renowned whites, reds, and rosés from dry to sweet and everything in between. The Okanagan has an incredible and unique climate, making it perfect for growing and harvesting all kinds of wine grapes.

In the Okanagan, winemakers strive to create distinctive wines that are specific to their region, creating award-winning wines that are not only uniquely Okanagan, but recognized internationally. There’s nothing quite like hitting the open Okanagan road to leisurely cruise along the lakes, and discovering your favourite vineyard views. Here are some great wineries to check out this summer on your next wine touring road trip.

Ex Nihilo Vineyards

Located on the way out of Kelowna and into Lake Country, Ex Nihilo Winery is tucked up on a hillside above beautiful lake views. Ex Nihilo Vineyards is open from May 1  to October 7 opening at 10am – 630pm and October 8 to April 30 opening at 10am – 5pm.


Gray Monk Estate Winery

Just past Ex Nihilo Vineyards, and slightly closer to Vernon, Gray Monk Estates sits on the mountainside providing stunning lake views. Gray Monk Estate Winery is open year round, but their hours vary, so be sure to check out their website for up-to-date business hours.

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Turtle Mountain Winery

The sought-out location of many summer weddings, Turtle Mountain Winery is located on a hillside, overlooking Vernon and the rolling mountain range. Turtle Mountain Winery provides stunning views of the Okanagan as well as some delicious wine!

OVINO Winery

Tucked into the mountainside of the scenic Salmon Valley, OVINO is a quaint winery with beautiful views of the glacier-carved landscape. OVINO Winery is open for the season starting May 19, from 11am-5pm daily.

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Marionette Winery

Passionate about everything and anything local, the winemakers and grape growers at Marionette Winery want you to enjoy the scenery as much as the wine! They create their wines with the region in mind, describing where the grapes came from. The Winery is open May through to September from 12pm-5pm daily.

Great fun painting and sipping wine with #meiklestudios at marionette winery

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BC is home to some of the best wines in the world, grown on stunning hillsides and surrounded by the beauty our province. Hit the road this summer and check out the locations where some of your favourite wines are created. Stay with us at one of our 12 locations across BC along the way and fully embrace the wine culture and community!

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