The Queen City Cruise Classic Car Show Rolls Into Nelson

The Queen City Cruise car show returns to Nelson, BC this September 5th and 6th! The annual event is an awesome spectacle that is sure to entertain classic car enthusiasts both young and old.

(Photo: Nelson Road Kings) The Queen City Cruise takes over downtown Nelson

(Photo: Nelson Road Kings) The Queen City Cruise takes over downtown Nelson

The event features the city-wide ‘Cardi-Gras’, a soap box derby, a parade and a whole lot more. Some of the weekend’s other activities include a rooftop dance and a poker run. Be sure to hang onto your ticket stub after the dance, because it also works as a taxi ticket to help get you home safe and sound – or back to your comfy bed at the Prestige Lakeside Resort.

This is the 12th edition of the Queen City Cruise car show, and it is easy to see why this event has become such a local favourite. Located in picturesque Nelson, BC, the car show is well-known to collectors as being well organized and very friendly. Because the reputation of the show has grown and word continues to spread, the show is becoming a popular tourist attraction too. If you’re staying at our Nelson location while the car show is taking place, we highly recommend checking it out.

If you’d like to learn more about the Queen City Cruise car show, you can do so HERE.

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