How to Make the Most of your Summer and Save

healthy living this summerSpend your Summer Doing all the Things you Love and Save Money 

Summer is a great time to live life to the fullest. This summer, spend your days enjoying the simple things that make the summer season great without over spending.

Here are 5 ways to make the most of your Summer:

Go Outside for Exercise

The summer is the perfect time to engage in outdoor activities. If the weather isn’t too hot, you can go for a run, bike ride, or even on an adventurous hike. To enhance your experience, bike or run near the water or around scenery.

Visit the Beach

Since you can’t go to the beach all year round, you won’t want to miss out on taking a refreshing cool dip in your favorite lake. Try to get to the beach as much as possible and don’t make excuses. With the Fall Season just around the corner, you will regret missing out on beach time once the summer is over.

Plan a Camping Trip 

Camping is the perfect way to spend time outside and experience a variety of outdoor activities. Fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, or lounging in front of a late night campfire is a great way to connect with friends or family.  Move out of your comfort zone and plan an action packed camping trip that you will never forget. Your group will welcome a comfortable room after spending a few nights outdoors. So make sure you check availability at the Prestige hotel that is closest to your campsite for refreshing stay after your camping trip.

Host a Barbecue 

Barbecues are one of the best parts about summer. Invite as many people so you can get everyone together for a great time. If you don’t own a barbecue, you can borrow a BBQ from a friend or there a lots of cheap grill options you can buy at Canadian Tire or other houseware stores.

Look at the Sky

If you happened to catch the latest supermoon, you will know that looking at the sky is an essential summer activity. Whether you’re star gazing or viewing fireworks, you can’t go wrong. The weather is perfect to sit back and take it all in.

Tell us what do you enjoy most about summer? 



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