Make a Hotel Room Feel Like Home

hotel roomPersonalize Your Hotel Room for a More Comfortable Stay

No matter how long your travels are, you’ll want your stay to be comfortable. A hotel room can be a nice escape from your ordinary life, but you can also give it that homey feel. Here are some tips to Make a Hotel Room Feel Like Home.

Take Time to Unpack

Unpacking your bag can make a room feel less chaotic. Be sure to hang up your clothes or fold them into a drawer. Organizing your luggage will help you unwind and relax, and it will help make deciding what you wear on your trip much easier.

Make it Personal

Your favourite music or scent can make your hotel room feel that much more like home. Bring your iPod or music device with all your best tunes – it will make your surroundings a relaxing place to be. When it comes to smell, you can bring freshly washed clothes, scented oils, or spray your go-to perfume. The familiarity of the scent and music will make you feel more at home.

Other ways you can make a hotel room more personal is by bringing some mementos with you. If you don’t have the space to bring large items, you can bring a framed photo of your loved ones, or some smaller souvenir that reminds you of home. Adding some items unique to you can be a great way to make a hotel room feel warm and cozy.

Spoil Yourself

Hotels have lots of extras that can make your stay relaxing. Take advantage of the services hotels offer, whether it is another blanket or fresh flowers to brighten a room. A hotel’s job is to make your stay the best it can be, so don’t be afraid to ask about what extras they offer.

How would you make a hotel room more comfortable? Leave your suggestions below in our comments section.

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