Traveling to BC in Winter? Here’s What You Need

With multiple hotels and resorts across British Columbia, at Prestige Hotels & Resorts we know the beauty of our landscape and the hospitality of BC people. As such, we encourage anyone to explore our province. However, before doing so, there’s a couple of things visitors should know. These tips are essential as you plan your BC adventure

Bring Warm Clothes!

British Columbia is a stunning and untamed landscape. This beauty is a big part of why we have so many visitors. However, at times our weather can be anything but friendly. Whether you’re in the Kootenays experiencing five meters of snowfall in a single night, or coping with over 200 millimeters of rain in a single day on the West Coast, you need to be prepared.


Sweaters and warm, waterproof pants are a BC local’s best friend. We’re also very well acquainted with wool socks, toques (hats for those who don’t speak Canadian) and gloves. British Columbia weather can also be incredibly changeable. In other words, if you’re not a fan of the weather, wait 20 minutes and it will have changed. While this means you can see all the sites in various lights, it can be a pain if you’re carrying a heavy, rain proof jacket on a four hour hike. To avoid this, go for the layers. Pack tank tops, shirts, merino wool sweaters and light rainproof jackets. Umbrella’s are also a good tool to have handy!

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Have Two Pieces of ID Handy

British Columbia has a vibrant night scene. We’ve got local, banjo playing punk rockers in Cranbrook and classy, formal dining option in Kelowna. With rolling hillsides filled with apple orchards, the Interior also boasts some of the world’s best wine and cider.  To gain entrance into the adult scene or taste some of our delicious wines and ciders, you must be over 19 and you’ll need two pieces of ID if you look any younger than 50. One piece must include a government issued photograph while the other should include your full name and a signature (or a photograph). So, if you’re travelling to BC, remember to pack that insurance card, extra drivers license or health care card. Trust us, you’ll wanna check out our unique nightlife and taste our delicious vino.


Driving to BC? Get Winter Tires

With the exception of metro Vancouver and southeastern Vancouver Island, most of BC’s highways require passenger vehicles to be equipped with winter tires from October 1 until March 31. With snow and ice covered highways, these tires are an absolute necessity and required by law. For more information, you can visit the BC government’s website.


Do Your Research into BC Wildlife to Save a Pretty Penny

BC is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife the world has to offer. From grizzly bears to orcas to the bald eagle, visitors to BC are constantly blown away by the animals who share our land. To protect these animals, the BC government has put in place a series of laws governing how close us humans can get to our wildlife. As such, it is an offence under the Wildlife Act for a person to feed bears, cougars or wolves.

While these laws are in place to protect our precious wildlife, they’ll also keep you safe. Many of our animals, such as cougars, orcas and grizzly bears, are ferocious predators. Getting too close can cost you your life. We highly recommend doing research on our wildlife before stepping into their habitat.

Bring A Camera

From the Rocky Mountains, to rolling orchards, to the Pacific Ocean, British Columbia is home to some of the most breathtaking and stunning scenery in the world. At times it is impossible to fathom how beautiful our landscape truly is. To share this with your friends and family at home and on social media, we encourage you to bring a camera. If you’re social media savvy, we invite you to #Prestigeadventures so you can share your experience with other guests. Even those who aren’t drawn to photography will want to capture some of the stunning views in our province.



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