Everything You Need to Know About the Castlegar Sculpturewalk

If you’ve been to the Castlegar Sculpturewalk, you know it’s one of the most impressive outdoor showcases or local and international artists. Plus, attendees get to enjoy a nice stroll through downtown Castlegar, admiring works form the most talented sculptors in the world. The Sculpturewalk has even expanded into Nelson and Rossland.

This popular event is now in its sixth year and offers $25,000 in prize money annually. 2015 brings 32 works of art to the Castlegar Sculpturewalk, 15 of these from BC artists!

What we love about this event is how it includes the public. There is a People’s Choice Award where viewers are able to vote for their favorite sculpture. The winner of this award gets their sculpture purchased for permanent display in Castlegar.

How to Support these Wonderful Sculptures

(courtesy of Castlegar Sculpturewalk/photo credit: Colin Payne Photography)

Emma by the River – Betty Branch, Roanoke VA (courtesy of Castlegar Sculpturewalk/photo credit: Colin Payne Photography)

Buy, lease, or sponsor a new piece of art
There are so many ways to support the sculptures form the Sculpturewalk event. One great way to do this is to purchase a piece for yourself. This has been a popular option for art lovers, and even business owners looking to make their business stand out.

If you have a favorite sculpture and need to make it yours, you can check out Sculpturewalk’s website to find out what is available for purchase, and how much they cost. Prices range from $950-$25,000, with payment plans available. All of the sculptures are also available for lease, ranging from $1500-$3000 per year.

Another popular way to support the sculptures is to sponsor a sculpture for $1000 a year. By sponsoring a sculpture, your name will be featured on the sculpture’s nameplate, as well as on the Sculpturewalk brochure and website.

For more information about supporting this year’s sculptures, visit Castlegar Sculpturewalk’s website.

Featured BC Artists
As we mentioned before, 15 of the pieces at this year’s Sculpturewalk feature BC artists. All of the artists have diverse backgrounds and inspirations, making the Sculpturewalk a well-rounded showcase.

Here are the 15 artists you will find at the 2015 Castlegar Sculpturewalk. You can also see where the pieces will be located on the map that can be found on the 2015 Sculpturewalk Brochure.

1. Windows from the Past
Rabi’a Gonzalez
Winlaw, BC

2. V Formation
Nathan Smith
Nelson, BC

(courtesy of Castlegar Sculpturewalk/photo credit: Colin Payne Photography)

(courtesy of Castlegar Sculpturewalk/photo credit: Colin Payne Photography)

3. Pearl
Fredd Dobbs
Victoria, BC

4. Holes
Kazumi Tanaka
Princeton, BC

5. Kootenay Time
Brent Bukowski & Arin Fay
Kaslo, BC

6. Before Mom Calls Us In For Dinner
Cajsa Fredin
Invermere, BC

7. Gansta Raven
Dave Dando
Nelson, BC

8. Prayer Wheel
Michael Misuraca
Castlegar, BC

9. Notes of Nelson
Teyana Neufeld
Nelson, BC

10. The King of Spades
Heather Wall
Powell River, BC

11. Tamarack Pond
Paul Reimer
Cranbrook, BC

12. Regeneration
Spring Shine & Christopher Petersen
Argenta, BC

(courtesy of Castlegar Sculpturewalk/photo credit: Colin Payne Photography)

(courtesy of Castlegar Sculpturewalk/photo credit: Colin Payne Photography)

13. The Landing
Nathan Scott
Saanich, BC

14. Eagle Dancer
Clint George & Grant George
Penticton, BC

15. She Burns for Us
Peter Wulowka
Castlegar, BC

For more information about the artists, and to see more of the sculptures for this year’s Sculpturewalk, visit the artists’ page.

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