Summer Road Trip: Salmon Arm BC

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Must-See Destinations in Salmon Arm BC

This week, we want to highlight all of the must-see destinations if you’re venturing to Salmon Arm BC this summer. You won’t want to miss any of these fabulous activities on your Salmon Arm road trip.


For those not familiar, geocaching is a worldwide adventure game that allows you to explore new places. This event starts at a computer to choose geocaches to search for, and then you go out on a quest for hidden treasure. It is comparable to a real-life video game, where you use stealth to avoid non-geocachers as you travel on foot, by bike, car, or boat to get to your goal. For each task you accomplish, you will score points. Many caches have items to trade such as collectible coins, pins or small toys. To play the game is free, but you do need GPS and access to the Internet. For more information about this unique game, you can visit the Geocaching website.

Bird watching

Salmon Arm is the ideal location for bird watching. Numerous tree species, wildflower and mushroom varieties flourish in the Shuswap’s temperate zone, while other animals thrive in its lush habitats. Because the Shuswap has a widely varied habitat of rivers, lakes and wetlands, this attracts as many as 250 different bird species. In the spring and fall, migratory birds flock to the shorelines as a haven. The Salmon Arm Bay is only one of two places in BC where the Western Grebe has established a breeding colony. In addition, there is large formations of Sandhill Cranes that fly throughout the region every spring, and Canadian Geese tend to visit the many lakes. There have also been sightings of Tundra and Trumpeter swans, Bald Eagles, the Great Blue Heron, the blue-billed Ruddy Duck, the large Pileated Woodpecker, and the Ring-necked Pheasant. If you are interested in bird watching for all types of birds, then Salmon Arm is the place to be.

Shuswap Trails

The Shuswap Trail Alliance is an award-winning initiative of regional partners devoted to keeping parks around the Shuswap as clean and green as possible. This is why our trails are some of the most exciting in BC – they are characterized as an Appalachian style network of cross-country hiking, biking, ski, snowshoe, and equestrian trail routes. The Shuswap trails also have overnight facilities such as bed and breakfast operations, campgrounds, and resorts with a series of quiet backcountry wilderness cabins. By visiting our trails, you will be given the opportunity for a unique outdoor travel experience while being immersed in the natural landscape of the Shuswap.

Salmon Arm BC is a great place to visit over the summer, and our friendly guest services team would be happy to recommend other fun activities to pursue during your visit.

What are your favourite activities to do in Salmon Arm BC? Share your suggestions with us in our comments section.

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