Our Kids Have Talent Vernon Event

vernon eventPrestige Hosts Kids Talent Show Vernon Event

Prestige Hotels & Resorts is proud to feature the Our Kids Have Talent Awards Ceremony Vernon event at our hotel on March 9th. Our Kids Have Talent focuses on supporting youth musical education, and provides opportunities for artistic growth through mentorship, competitions that build self-esteem, and instructional musical workshops. Plus, these kids are able to immerse themselves into the musical scene with opportunities such as performing at festivals, events, private functions, and coffee houses.

This kind of event is one that we admire at Prestige, and we want to promote young people performing their art on a professional stage using the most up-to-date sound and lighting equipment. The event will feature all musical genres, and performances from youth ages 8 – 18. Tickets are $20 for adults, and $10 for people 18 and under.

For more information, visit the Our Kids Have Talent website. We hope to see all you music lovers at our Vernon event at Prestige Hotels & Resort!

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