Inspire Employees With a Corporate Retreat

corporate retreatA Corporate Retreat Can be Great Inspiration for your Employees

In this digital age, we are all so connected and plugged in that we often don’t know when to switch off and reconnect on a personal level. In the workplace, you can get side tracked and even be emailing, Skyping, or texting your fellow employees while you’re in the same office. A great way to enhance those personal connections is by getting your team away from all the distractions in the office at a corporate team building retreat. At Prestige Hotels & Resorts, we offer creative options for corporate retreats that will help you connect with the people in your workplace.

Golfing Retreat

It’s hard to text or to be distracted by your cell phone when you are holding a golf club in your hands. A golfing retreat can be a great way to bond with others, and to appreciate the surrounding nature. The majestic Kootenay Rockies is a spectacular backdrop that is sure to grab your attention. At Prestige Hotels & Resorts, we offer customized Golf Stay & Play Packages that can accommodate your Golf Getaway.

Fishing Charter Expedition

Step away from the iPad and embark on a Fishing Charter off the rugged coast of Vancouver Island. Our hotel chain offers Fishing Charters, which can be catered to various group sizes. Our luxury waterfront properties in Sooke, Nelson, and Salmon Arm each offer an opportunity to cast a line with your colleagues. Contact us to book your Team Fishing Charter Retreat.

If you’re considering an unforgettable Corporate Retreat to improve the lifestyle at your office, let us handle the rooms and activities for you to make it as smooth a process as possible.

Do you have any fun ideas for a corporate retreat? Share your ideas with us below. 

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